If we don't believe in fantasy then how will it become? Hope Love and Justice Fantasised ideals, non-existent in the molecular structure of the earth's composition. And yet we hope we believe in fantasies so that they may become.

Where’s the cricket at?

Cricket is well past its glory days, let’s admit that straight off the bat. As a young girl I grew up watching and learning from Mark Waugh’s impeccable elegance and timing, Mark 'tubby' Taylor's captaincy, Brian Lara's perfect batting technique and Wasim Akram's flair.  As I grew older it seemed cricket was getting weary as... Continue Reading →

Migrant women in the workforce

The involvement of migrant women in Sydney’s low paid labour work force has been a gradual and consistent development. Married mothers with a low skill set and familial responsibilities have felt the need to support a sole income or better themselves through involvement in an income generating activity. The subsequent entry into the economic field... Continue Reading →

Why do I wear the hijab?

I have been asked this question countless times by countless people and the answer always has been and always will be the same - because God tells me to. I find it funny (in a very sad way) that there are so many varying opinions on the topic; my style of hijab is ‘moderate’ to... Continue Reading →

Hanging in there

With the viral spread of the Burqa ban (acutally a ban on the niqab but hey BB sounds much catchier), there has been an explosion of media activity on the subject. Some I find funny, some inspirational and some plain exasperating. In France, two French students have discovered a creative way to protest against the... Continue Reading →


I was at the doctor’s on Saturday to get my flu vaccine, as I sat down in the waiting room I noticed a little blue and white sticker that said – Got the blues? You are not alone contact the hotline now – It was a sign I had never seen before. A Sign that... Continue Reading →

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