The Arab Spring

I came across this term whilst reading the news recently. The Arab Spring – It sounded quaint and placid till I read what it meant – it is used to describe the revolt and armed intervention that is sweeping the Arab world. The term is meant to imply that akin to a caterpillar bursting out... Continue Reading →

India and Pakistan go to the mattresses

If ever there was a sport to get the people of the subcontinent worked up to a fever pitch, it would be Cricket. And if ever there were two countries with a temperamental and passionate history on and off the field, it would be Pakistan and India. The two are a potent mix set to... Continue Reading →

Category: Disaster. Year: 2011

Disaster. The word is defined by merriam-webster as “a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction; broadly: a sudden or great misfortune or failure.” Somehow, in light of everything that has happened in the last three months, this is a major understatement. Disaster cannot even begin to encompass the tragedy, devastation and crushing... Continue Reading →


All I have are Fragments Bits and pieces of who I was Fragments of a memory I wish wasn’t real Fragments I’ve been trying to piece together. Wondering where I fit In the shards that I have left Those are things that belong in the past But they will not stay And I must dust... Continue Reading →

Microfinance and Interest in Bangladesh

With all the hype surrounding the Professor Yunus controversy and more and more details of corruption and abuse of the system emerging every day, my views on Microfinance, Grameen and Professor Yunus are being battered. My book, Financial Empowerment Of Women In Bangladesh Through Microcredit, which comes out next month, is based on my thesis... Continue Reading →

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