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Father’s Day.

There was a time when the highest point on my horizon was the broad shoulders of my father. There was a time when I used to run outside to the sound of a car horn because it meant he had come home from work.

My dad is my Hero. His special power is the ability to be anything I need him to be and to always be there for me. He is my accountant when it’s time to do tax returns. He is my saviour when I am running late for my train. He puts my welfare and wellbeing ahead of his own. And that to me is a real Hero.

Fathers are special things. A lot of recognition and affection goes to mothers and rightly so, but often it overshadows the sturdy, reliable, reassuring presence that equates to a father’s love. Fathers provide. Fathers care – even if in their gruff, stern, off handed way. Fathers are strong, hardworking and most importantly dependable.

Dependable is a word that is synonymous with the Sub-continental Father. No matter if he is tall or short, fair or dark, fat or thin – the Indian father is the bastion of the family. He cares for his wife and children; he looks after their educational and physical welfare and provides for them sufficient means to explore opportunities. He is the person you turn to when you run out of money. He is the person you turn to when your mother is being unreasonable. He is the foundation of your knowledge as well as the aim of your expectations.

What is important to remember though is that it is not enough to just buy a card and a watch or a shirt or tie and give a hug once a year. The best actions are those that are consistent – no matter how small. No matter how old you are or how busy, take time out every day for your parents. Even if it’s a short chat about nothing important at all – remember that your father is the person who made time for you every step of your life and five minutes of your day is nothing in comparison – but it will bring a smile to the face that saw you as you first came into the world. It will straighten the shoulders which were once the broadness of your horizons and it will strengthen the ties of love that exist between father and child as God intended.

Every man aspires to be like his father and every woman searches for her father’s qualities in her mate. A father is a teacher, a scholar, a coach, a teammate, an ally and a friend. Sigmond Freud once said, ‘I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.’ From the moment we are born and begin to be aware of our surroundings – we are aware of the protective presence of our fathers, A presence that ebbs and flows with the tide of our growth but always remains a constant.  Father’s day is a day to celebrate not who your father is – but who you see him to be – The first superhero you ever knew.


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