Mors ultima linea rerum est (Death is everything’s final limit)

Shattered, the walls were - the skin tore and the eardrums exploded. Flying, he was - through the roof, in the air, hitting the dust crumpled. Blood, everywhere – in his eyes, in his ears, pooling around him in its vastness. Remains, scattered bricks and wood, his house now a pile of rubble. He could... Continue Reading →

Tears of Joy

Bhaiya sent around this video today: It made me laugh and melted my heart. Kids are so adorable! Every expression of Lily's was so genuine, so heartfelt and so full of life and vivacity! Her tears of joy were real and showed just how touched and overwhelmed she was with her gift. As we grow... Continue Reading →

September Reading list

The Good Muslim by Tahmina Anam Rating: 4.5/5 I absolutely connected with this book. It speaks to the core of the secular vs religious debate that rages within us. The protagonist’s – Maya’s -  self-development and awareness is symbolic of a nations exploration of the ravaged landscape of a vulnerable Bangladesh. Much like the Kashmir... Continue Reading →

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