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A loving complaint

Prithee kind sir sway not from thy constancy
Near to thee is begotten all source of myne own esteem

That redemption which hath forsook me so wantonly
Beckons hazily from thine eyes as if a dream

Thy arrogance extraordinaire mayst leave others appalled
They knoweth not ye scathing cynicism hast become thy armor

Enshrouded thus the world awaited stonewalled
Bravely, nay stupidly, alone went forth I with myne heart to barter

Alas! Thou art a charmer indeed!
Takest thou in cold blood myne innocence

 ‘I do love thee.’ Thy words did win, myne heart  did I concede
Forgotten reality that cold stone hit us hence

But Time she shall not betray the purity of a love in earnest
Even if the world forgets a love in its unrequited brilliance.


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This morning I attended a breakfast seminar hosted by Deloitte NSW inspiring Women who invited Jessica Watson– the youngest sailor to travel alone and unassisted around the world – to speak to us.

She was very inspiring and quirky. Her answers were well thought out and had the right amount of humour and wisdom. Below are some points I found inspiring:

  • What inspired you to take on such and enormous feat? My mother used to read me a bedtime story about a young man who sailed solo around the world unassisted and I began to think why not? The key thing that stood out for me in the story was how ordinary he was and that is an ordinary person like him could accomplish something like that then why can’t I? At 11 I began ‘telling’ (maybe I should have asked) my mother that this was what I wanted to do and soon enough she realised how important this was to me and threw her support behind me. I was actually scared of sailing but I pretended I wasn’t and soon enough I really wasn’t!
  • What were the critical factors enabling your success? People who shared my vision and helped me realise it. Once I knew this was what I really wanted to do, I contacted my sailing heroes, people I knew could help, sponsors etc.. I even put an in a boating magazine for volunteers to help me remodel the boat I was going to use (lent to me by the previous record holder). These people shared their experiences and knowledge with me and supported my goal. Their belief in me and my dream (which became very much their dream as well) was very important to my success. Sailing is a small part of the actual project itself. 80% of the work is done before you get on the boat at the starting line.
  • What qualities do you think a leader should have? My first day of training my Sydney to Hobart team was a disaster. I was trying to do everything at once and by the end I felt very frustrated and so did the team. My coach and I sat down and discussed what a leader is and I realised I didn’t need to be at the wheel the entire time to be a leader. Over the next two weeks I didn’t touch the wheel. I was behind it. Planning the direction we would take and giving directions to my team which would get us there. A good leader sees ahead, plans to get there and gives clear directions to their team on how to get there.
  • Key message to your audience today? Be persistent in realising your dreams and surrounding yourself with support and encouragement from people who share your dream. Set directions. Set expectations and work persistently to achieve them.

Wise words from an 18 yr old 🙂

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