Rainbow Cake!

I made this cake for my sister's birthday. I was inspired by this and wanted to make this... but due to time contraints (ok honestly.. due to me being lazy) I ended up making the first one and I was so very happywith the outcome that I want to share it with you! Below is... Continue Reading →

Women’s Performance Cafe

Casula Powerhouse Museum is holding an exhibition titled No Added Sugar on now till 8 July 2012. Last Sunday as part of the exhibition the musuem, JAAN teamed up with the exhibition and hosted a Women's performance event which was a great success. Women of all ages, races and creeds got together to celebrate the... Continue Reading →


I nearly fell today. I am notoriously bad with shoes. Besides my ancient Fila sneakers which are tattered to the nth degree, I have not a single pair which fit perfectly. Some are too tight, some are too loose, some are fancy but not practical, some practical but not pretty … anyway! Back to my... Continue Reading →

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