Comedians cussing about current issues

Have you noticed just how much people swear these days?! It’s everywhere! Especially in comedy. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting on my high horse and preaching to the choir. I am just as fallible in succumbing to the odd expletive thrown in to add oomph to a sentence. But since when... Continue Reading →

Charity in Bangladesh

There are lots of exciting organisations in Bangladesh which provide avenues for non residents to help. This time I selected four organisations and met those in charge to see what was being done and how we could help. Prothom Alo Trust First up was Prothom Alo Trust (PAT) as Probasy had worked with them to deliver... Continue Reading →


It saddens me that I have to write this blog entry. It shames me as a human being that such acts take place in our world, a world of human rights, progress, equality and kindness to all. And yet, it happens. And it needs to be discussed so that no more victims shy away in... Continue Reading →

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