Why Muslim women say no to Feminism

This was written by a friend of mine, Osama Qureshi, on his FB. I found it very well written and thought to share.

“Feminism came about in the Western lands due to the men being oppressive towards women. When men would go die in WW1 and WW2, however, many women went into the workforce. And well, many women just never came back. Combined with this sense of materialistic empowerment, they started to move against the oppression men in the West were inflicting upon the women.

Because Western society is based upon the idea that you should seek power and if you have it you should go forward as much as possible, it gave rise to the feminist movement. Women in Western society developed abilities in public speaking, education, work-skills, etc. The intentions started out well, which was to try to give women rights in areas like the workplace, education, having a say, etc.

However, the application in today’s context has slowly moved towards gender privilege, and there are many examples of this. However, this is not really the big issue.

The big issue is that they take the view that men and women are inherently and absolutely equal. This is false. Islam absolutely disagrees with this conclusion. Rather in Islam we accept that men and women are created with many differences. Men are generally physically stronger, parts of their anatomy is different, as is their psyche.

Men have testosterone which gives rise to competitiveness and aggression. Women have estrogen which makes them more inclined to and attuned to their emotions (an increase in serotonin) and more empathy. We see each gender geared to different roles in life. The father cannot truly replace the mother, nor can the mother truly replace the father.

This is why when Western institutions tried to take feminism to the Muslim lands they utterly failed. Because they are trying to solve a problem that simply doesn’t exist in the Muslim lands. Generally Muslim men and women in Muslim lands know their roles. Men know they are responsible for their family and must provide and protect the family. Women know that they need to cultivate the next generation. This is just generally understood. So feminism doesn’t make any sense to them because they simply don’t face the same issues or have the same history. When Femen went out to protest in Muslim lands, it was Muslim women who shunned them.

What has happened in Muslim lands, though, is severe intellectual decline. They didn’t develop the capability to intellectually address the points made by feminist thought (which is partly based upon the philosophy of John Locke). We must revive the thinking of the Muslims to make them understand that Islam is the intellectual truth about life and is capable of solving all of man’s problems.”

May Allah swt grant us all the ability to recognise the right for education to all and invest to make it a reality so that the men and women of the Ummah are once more an intelligent and informed group.

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