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For a while now, I’ve wanted to start up a virtual centre for rape victims and victims of abuse. The site will act like an online white pages which lists contacts and organisations (who have agreed to volunteer and be contacted by rape victims) in their state or city.

The plan is to:

  • Plan a project
  • Design a site
  • Garner contacts who will volunteer various services like legal, medical and media aid, locally at first and then nationally and internationally
  •  Promote the site in a way that it becomes available to victims and their families when they are to scared to seek help in person.

There are things to consider:

  • Legal implications and the necessary disclaimers
  • Design of the site to prevent it causing more harm (ie. if the abuser catches the victim on the site. Some way of deleting cookies or history)
  • Funding, sponsorship or partnerships from and/or with government agencies, NGOs or organisations
  • Promoting the project and concept to a broader audience.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how/where I can start this initiative?



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