100 Days

100 days ago my life changed forever.

Since then I’ve learnt
The power of dua. Having the confidence that God will answer sincerely made duas at His own timing.
How to love and respect my changing body, to take better care of me so I can take care of you.
How much my heart can expand to accommodate it’s infinite love for you.
How it feels to be loving, anxious and guilty all at once.
To respect all the mothers out there doing such an amazing job of such a life changing, full on experience.
How blessed I am to have an amazing support system of family and friends.
How to do everything one one handed.
The toll endless washing up takes on my hands (my poor dry skin!)
How to cram my life into 2 hour blocks and do things twice as fast while you sleep.
How to take multi tasking to a whole new level.
How to operate on little, very little sleep.
How a single look at your angelic face makes my whole day.

You are
So very curious with your inquisitive eyes and questioning look.
So very stubborn with your clenched fists and furrowed brows.
So very loving with your firm grip and cheeky smiles.
So very much like your dad with your total dismissal of any attempted photos

May you flourish into a wonderful, kind, caring, honest man and have a life filled with goodness, joy and knowledge put to good use.

100 days days down. Forever to go.

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