Agar’s Ashtonishing Ashes Debut

Two runs shy of a century on his first test cricket match representing Australia, Ashton Agar’s efforts of 98 from 101 balls have been etched into history. Only last week this kid was an unknown who’d caught the selector’s eye and caught a huge break to be included in the Ashes line up. After his... Continue Reading →

Fair dinkum Aussie mateship key to Ashes win

It’s not who wins but how you play the game. This is a line my PE teacher ingrained in us during our sports lessons in high school. As I left the boundaries of a school field and worked my way into the playing field of life, I realised that the only reason that line stood... Continue Reading →

World cup fever set to hit home

The much awaited Cricket World Cup 2011 is here and fans all over the globe are on edge with renewed passion for the game and pride as the Indian subcontinent hosts the best players from all over the world. Here is a look at the 14 teams contesting the 2011 cricket World Cup: Australia Australia... Continue Reading →

Where’s the cricket at?

Cricket is well past its glory days, let’s admit that straight off the bat. As a young girl I grew up watching and learning from Mark Waugh’s impeccable elegance and timing, Mark 'tubby' Taylor's captaincy, Brian Lara's perfect batting technique and Wasim Akram's flair.  As I grew older it seemed cricket was getting weary as... Continue Reading →

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