Wearing hijab in the workplace

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtcR169gomY&t=2s What is the problem with wearing hijab in the workplace? The answer is fear. Fear that you will be judged. Fear that you will be thought less of Fear that you are the unknowable other Fear that there is nothing in common And Fear that there never will be. Having worn the hijab since... Continue Reading →

What Islam REALLY says about women!

What Islam REALLY says about women UNMASKED! This sheikh says: "You should ask the question, when men are married how can they teach and learn? Because in Islam, men have the responsibility, not the women… In Islamic law, men have to provide accommodation and expenses. Women just sit around and do nothing. Women are free... Continue Reading →

Can a piece of cloth be radical?

Like much of what we see on the news these days, the burqini issue was all consuming when it trended but ephemeral in its media shelf life. Media outlets would rather repeat what Donald Trump has to say over and over again. Given he repeats himself often, the double repetition serves as a hypnotic trance... Continue Reading →

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