Bangladesh Travel Diaries 2017

I was lucky to be chosen for a mobility engagement from EY that sent me to Bangladesh to work with an international NGO focusing on "Women's Economic Empowerment through Strengthening Market Systems" WEESMS. Enjoy the travel diaries on Youtube as below!  

Women’s Performance Cafe

Casula Powerhouse Museum is holding an exhibition titled No Added Sugar on now till 8 July 2012. Last Sunday as part of the exhibition the musuem, JAAN teamed up with the exhibition and hosted a Women's performance event which was a great success. Women of all ages, races and creeds got together to celebrate the... Continue Reading →

By My Side

The cool tiles calm my frenzy as I step out of the throng Sitting prone on the edge of movement, there is peace among I sit cross legged and look up at the square Solid and sturdy, withstanding centuries of wear Stillness pervades me as I feel a presence nearby Somber yet serene it almost... Continue Reading →

A loving complaint

Prithee kind sir sway not from thy constancy Near to thee is begotten all source of myne own esteem That redemption which hath forsook me so wantonly Beckons hazily from thine eyes as if a dream Thy arrogance extraordinaire mayst leave others appalled They knoweth not ye scathing cynicism hast become thy armor Enshrouded thus the... Continue Reading →

I Chose You.

Spinning dreams from romance novels Watching others love and lose I sat patient, sometimes impatiently But I chose you.  Petals wilted and the leaves they darkened and fell On a short sharp winters night We first clashed – then met And I chose you. Time would not let us mature Love soured and I tasted... Continue Reading →

An ode to poetry

I love poetry. I love the power of words to slide off the paper and slip effortlessly through the tongue only to pierce one’s heart with enlightenment and understanding. The gravity of words oft spoken, oft thought, oft quoted, which uncover new worlds of meaning each time they are encountered. Poetry is the poor man’s... Continue Reading →


All I have are Fragments Bits and pieces of who I was Fragments of a memory I wish wasn’t real Fragments I’ve been trying to piece together. Wondering where I fit In the shards that I have left Those are things that belong in the past But they will not stay And I must dust... Continue Reading →

City of secrets

Spiralling curves and mini gargoyles Towers turrets and trombones A white flag waving defiantly Here the occupants – just you and I This here, our city of secrets be.  Time doth stand still for the lover Space maketh way for a symphony sweet Like a carousel locked in timber fine Everything stands immobile till we... Continue Reading →

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