Speaker Bio

Shafeen is passionate about speaking on:

How to deal with Change, Diversity, Equality, Gender Diversity & Equality, Inclusion, Muslim identity, Leadership, STEM, Unconscious Bias, Future of work and Digital Disruption

A management consultant, Shafeen Mustaq works with organisations to find ways to do things better as well as do better things. Through her consultancy, she speaks across the private and public sector on soft such as leadership, diversity, cultural competence, and intersectional discrimination as well as on digital disruption and the future of work.

When not delivering working with clients to build a better working world as per EY’s purpose, she is working with internal EY members to build EY’s internal capability in D&I. Shafeen is also the deputy chair of the EY Foundation in Canberra and manages the programs that benefit NFPs as well as school programs. Shafeen leads the EY STEM initiative whose purpose is to build alliances and awareness of the growing educational requirements on Australia’s future workforce because of digital disruption.

Outside of work, Shafeen is a member of Sitara’s story, an Australian NFP, that focuses on metal health awareness, advocacy and training in Australia and overseas in Bangladesh. She is also a recurring guest speaker for a cultural group in Sydney focusing on sharing ‘untold stories’ to empower women.

An experienced speaker, panellist and facilitator, Shafeen delivers presentations on a variety of topics face to face. Some of these can be viewed via her YouTube channel.

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