Women in the world and in indigenous culture

Tjanara Goreng Goreng is a Wakka Wakka Wulli Wuilli Traditional Custodian from Central Queensland Australia, a PhD candidate and the Founder and National Convener of the Foundation for Indigenous Recovery and Development, Australia. An Adjunct Assistant Professor for UC, Tjanara has had extensive teaching and government experience. Tjanara spoke about gender, politics and public policy... Continue Reading →

Can a piece of cloth be radical?

Like much of what we see on the news these days, the burqini issue was all consuming when it trended but ephemeral in its media shelf life. Media outlets would rather repeat what Donald Trump has to say over and over again. Given he repeats himself often, the double repetition serves as a hypnotic trance... Continue Reading →

My Burkini and I

Tell me do I look opressed, unhygenic or like a terrorist in these pictures to you? If you said yes to any of them above then please click here and check yourself! Kudos to the creator of the Burkini - Ahiida designs.

Unexpected conversation

This morning on my way to work from the airport I was picked up by a Pakistani driver. Having had an uneventful flight I was settling in for an equally uneventful ride to work in the dreary Sydney rain when this happened:Driver (D) – Shafeen (pronounced properly).. is that an arabic name? Me (M) –... Continue Reading →

Does God want us to Sin?

Last week on the way to work I sat behind two two uni students. Usually I get on and fall asleep within five minutes but their conversation was so different to the usual banal banter you hear on trains that I was captivated! They restored my faith in train conversations! As far as I could... Continue Reading →

Islam Danger – a fresh attack on an old religion

News.com.au reported today that  Liberal MPs warn of 'Islam danger'. The article says that, ‘AUSTRALIA risks becoming a nation of "ethnic enclaves" that unknowingly buys livestock slaughtered "in the name of Allah", senior Liberal MPs have warned.’ This article disappointed me and forced me to raise a few questions.  Firstly, what kind of MPs do... Continue Reading →

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