Developing a relationship with God

Notes from an Instagram Live session by @HauteHijab and @hosaimojo. Thank you for this lesson on understanding: who is Allah swt?what our relationship is to Him?how do we think positively of God?why is it important to develop to develop this relationship?what is the best way to speak to Allah swt?where do we start? Who is... Continue Reading →

Can a piece of cloth be radical?

Like much of what we see on the news these days, the burqini issue was all consuming when it trended but ephemeral in its media shelf life. Media outlets would rather repeat what Donald Trump has to say over and over again. Given he repeats himself often, the double repetition serves as a hypnotic trance... Continue Reading →

My Burkini and I

Tell me do I look opressed, unhygenic or like a terrorist in these pictures to you? If you said yes to any of them above then please click here and check yourself! Kudos to the creator of the Burkini - Ahiida designs.

Friendships are selfish

Last night, I watched ‘This is where I leave you’ before I went to bed and then I had a dream about an old friend of mine with whom I no longer have contact. There is a line in the film where one character says to the other, ‘You were one of my only real... Continue Reading →

Women in films

I don’t view movies and books with my own preconceived ideas of being. They are for escapism But for some reason after having thoroughly enjoyed each of the movies listed below, so different from each other, somehow I managed to see them all from a female point of view. Not because I am a woman... Continue Reading →

Women’s Performance Cafe

Casula Powerhouse Museum is holding an exhibition titled No Added Sugar on now till 8 July 2012. Last Sunday as part of the exhibition the musuem, JAAN teamed up with the exhibition and hosted a Women's performance event which was a great success. Women of all ages, races and creeds got together to celebrate the... Continue Reading →

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