World cup fever set to hit home

The much awaited Cricket World Cup 2011 is here and fans all over the globe are on edge with renewed passion for the game and pride as the Indian subcontinent hosts the best players from all over the world. Here is a look at the 14 teams contesting the 2011 cricket World Cup: Australia Australia... Continue Reading →

Valentines day Lamentines day

Yes. As you may have gleaned from the title, I am not a big fan of Valentines day. Now before you dismiss this as another rant from another disgruntled and envious single person let me tell you that this ‘rant’ is more a discussion of what Valentines Day is, was, and has become rather than... Continue Reading →

Islam Danger – a fresh attack on an old religion reported today that  Liberal MPs warn of 'Islam danger'. The article says that, ‘AUSTRALIA risks becoming a nation of "ethnic enclaves" that unknowingly buys livestock slaughtered "in the name of Allah", senior Liberal MPs have warned.’ This article disappointed me and forced me to raise a few questions.  Firstly, what kind of MPs do... Continue Reading →

Eating Halal

Seen the adverts for Today Tonight? This evening they will be airing a story about halal chicken being sold in supermarkets. In a ten second advert we heard such phrases as “bizarre religious rituals” and “the Islam-isation of Australia”. Didn’t they run a similar story last year? Yes. What did they say? “ordinary Australians” are... Continue Reading →

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