Sydney girls strive to save tiny lives

Imagine being a new mother on a cold winter's night in a third world country. Imagine giving birth to a premature baby and being told that 9 out of the 11 incubators in the neo natal care word are malfunctioning. Imagine being told that your precious newborn baby is now in line behind twenty other... Continue Reading →

Chocolate cake with m&ms and kit kats

I saw a picture on instagram and I fell in love. It was of a chocolate cake with chocolate icing topped with m&ms and fenced with kit kats. I wanted it and I wanted it badly. So I made it myself for Eid. It’s impractical and fattening but easy to make and oh so yummy.... Continue Reading →

Songs from my childhood

Is it old age when, no matter how catchy a new song is, when you are feeling down you go back to the songs of your childhood? I needed a mood lift the other night and started sifting through the songs that defined my childhood and wanted to share them so here they are in... Continue Reading →

Can you Cannellini?

I love pasta. I absolutely LOVE it. I know it's eating a bowlful of carbs and its usual partner in crime is stringy soft yummy melted cheese which isn't that great for you either but when it comes to Cannellini I can't help myself! So here is a quick and easy recipe for you to try at home and... Continue Reading →

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