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I don’t view movies and books with my own preconceived ideas of being. They are for escapism

But for some reason after having thoroughly enjoyed each of the movies listed below, so different from each other, somehow I managed to see them all from a female point of view. Not because I am a woman but because the female characters were so strongly and effectively portrayed that the residual thoughts were of the women in the films.

I’ve spent this long weekend watching films that are not known for their feminism but having seen them, I can see clearly the celebration of strong females be they good or bad.

  • In ‘Anna Karenina’ I see the courage it takes to make a choice be it wrong or right.
  • In ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ I see the maliciousness between women and the enduring quality we possess to love without knowing love in return
  • In ‘G.I Jane’ I see the effect of behavioural conditioning on femininity and its impact on the mind and body. I see the strength of endurance and determination woman can unleash
  • In ‘A Dangerous Mind’ I see the destabilising impact of the male gaze and their dictation of sexuality in women as reactors and not active controllers of their fate.
  • In ‘Fast and Furious 6’ I see the impact a strong woman can have on the strongest of men and the importance of woman in completing a man and his family.

So much emotion, so much fragility, and yet so much love and strength. Truly remarkable – the many shades of Woman.



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A stop motion video of our outback adventures! Enjoy!
For a written account of our travels read my blog entry on our trip.

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