Empowerment of Women Speech by Yasmin Mogahed

This speech, 'The Empowerment of Women', was posted on Yasmin's blog on Dec 12, 2011. Today, it is still as relevant as it was then. * * * * * * * * * * * * When the companion of the Prophet, pbuh, entered a town to bring them the message of Islam, he put... Continue Reading →

Do you feel like caving?

Are you fighting a battle with yourself? With your family? Wih friends? With society? Whatever your current predicament may be - this helped me so I hope it helps you. It is a post by Yasmin Mogahed on her blog titled, 'A Believer’s Response to Hardship'. Here she talks about the fact that EVERYTHING in... Continue Reading →

Desi parents say…

My parents think I never listen to them and most of the time they are right, but here are a few gems from them (said in a very offhand passing manner which is probably why I remember them more so than the sit down and let me tell you about life lectures) that I have... Continue Reading →

Legally Brown or illegally insulting?

Legally Brown is a new show airing on Australian TV this year. It is only 6 episodes old and has already caused a furore with Muslims and Non-muslims alike. Not surprisingly because it's protagonist, Nazeem Hussain, is already known for his outrageous and in-your-face comedy which confronts racial and religios stereotypes. However his show takes is... Continue Reading →

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