Notes from my first panel presentation in over a year. 2021: A Year In Review

As an alumni, I was honoured to be invited as a panel member for EY Women's final event of the year, EYWOMEN Presents: 2021: A Year In Review The other panellists, all alumni, included Dr Stephanie Fahey Khin Kha and Lucille Halloran. It was a rich and important discussion on topics that have shaken us all to our core, and... Continue Reading →

100 Days

100 days ago my life changed forever. Since then I've learntThe power of dua. Having the confidence that God will answer sincerely made duas at His own timing.How to love and respect my changing body, to take better care of me so I can take care of you.How much my heart can expand to accommodate... Continue Reading →

Love letter to my body

Dear body, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.I am writing this in case I forget with the passage of time. In case I begin to overlook and undermine you again.Because this week you showed me just how wonderful and capable you are and I hope never ever to forget.This week was one of the most,... Continue Reading →

Developing a relationship with God

Notes from an Instagram Live session by @HauteHijab and @hosaimojo. Thank you for this lesson on understanding: who is Allah swt?what our relationship is to Him?how do we think positively of God?why is it important to develop to develop this relationship?what is the best way to speak to Allah swt?where do we start? Who is... Continue Reading →

Touring Bangladesh | March 2020

Just before Co-vid hit globally, we had our last holiday in and around Bangladesh from mid Feb to mid March 2020 and got home safely just before the Australian borders closed. And yes, we did our 14 days of self-isolation as well and are fine. So here are all the vlogs from the trip on... Continue Reading →

The truth about my failures

The EY Female Future Leaders Series is an 8 week program being run across states in Australia to pair a female working at EY to one that is interested in pursuing a career at EY. I had my first catch up with my mentee today and she asked me, ‘How do you deal with failure?’... Continue Reading →

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